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bronze jackrabbit lamp

Sculptures in bronze

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Using the ancient lost wax casting method, American sculptor George Northup creates limited edition bronze sculptures that are collected by fine art galleries, museums and private collectors around the world.

Wildlife Sculpture

bronze bison sculpture on base
"Old Veteran"
Limited Edition of 28

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George has spent a life time perfecting the art of creating images in metal.

bronze donkey sculpture on travertine base

Limited Edition of 50

Bronze Sculpture

bronze fisherman tying on a fly
"Tying One On"
Fly fisherman bronze sculpture
Edition of 50

Functional Art

bronze lamp of three deer with copper shade
"Undivided Attention"
Bronze lamp, mounted on walnut
Edition of 35

bronze trout lamp with copper shade

"God's River Brook Trout"
Edition of 50

*Featured in Western Art and Architecture's 'Things We Love'...

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